Getting back in shape – How to start your day

//Getting back in shape – How to start your day

Getting back in shape – How to start your day

Were you once in shape… and then what happened? Work, kids, lack of time, stress? Life, right?


I hear you. But living Life shouldn’t mean that it’s ok to let yourself go and stop giving your body enough physical exercise. So what if free time is less than it used to be? Fatigue sets in more often than not? A good workout does not have to be hard or time-consuming. Getting back in shape can start with a fast and a simple daily ritual that takes just a few minutes and makes you start the morning with a bang. You will regain your physical awareness and the feeling of control over your very own vehicle – your body.


Follow these basic, yet effective steps every morning as you wake up:


While you are still in bed and trying to open your eyes, put a smile on your face and stretch your body. Stretch it up, all the way, as if you are watching your pet stretching right after waking up. This will calm your mind, help your blood circulation and increase your range of motion.


Jump to your feet and remember – keep that smile on. It might seem silly but enough smiling actually helps “rewire” your brain into more open, positive thinking and finding more possibilities in problematic situations. And the best thing is that it works even if the smile is not heartfelt…it’s much better if it is. 🙂


Drink a glass or two of room temperaturee water. Keep the smile (cautiously!) while drinking your water.


Stand up straight with your feet apart at shoulder width. Keep a perfect posture – make sure your head, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are aligned. Good body alignment not only helps your muscle efficiency, but it also prevents injuries and contributes to stronger lifts. Smile is still there, right?


Let’s get going! Using your full available range of motion start doing each of the following exercises 10 times, at a comfortable speed:


  • Rotate your head left and right, then up and down
  • Roll your shoulders (trapezius muscles) forward and back. Hold your hands together, arms straight down. Start doing circular motions from your shoulders so your traps are getting some blood)
  • Rotate your arms from the shoulder in giant circles, first forward and then back
  • Rotate your forearms, spinning at the elbows, first forward and then back
  • Roll your wrists in circles. Use one hand to comfortably guide the other around.
  • Make big circles with your hips like you are spinning a hula-hoop.
  • With your hands on your knees, rotate your knees in circles.
  • Plant your big toe and make circles with each foot to rotate your ankles, one foot at a time.


Feeling better already? I hope you kept your smile all the way. Getting back in shape will be child’s play if every day starts like that.


Want to learn more ways and create better habit for yourself? I will be more than happy to help – Contact Us and we will find the best regimen for you!

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