Train your Health – understanding the Mind-Body-Soul connection!

//Train your Health – understanding the Mind-Body-Soul connection!

Train your Health – understanding the Mind-Body-Soul connection!

Want to Improve your Quality of Life?


Training improves Mind, Body and Spirit Connection. Sound Mind Body and Spirit Connection

improves Quality of Life

Mens sana In corpore sano

For thousands of years people have had some perception over the duality between Body and Mind

and how they are dynamically interconnected. Many have even performed elaborate rituals with the

sole purpose of harvesting the power of the mind in order to treat troubles with the body. In more

recent times a third element was thrown in the mix – the Spirit and how it ties up with the Body-Mind



Our body is a marvellous, even magical, system of organs all of which are able to simultaneously

interact and work in perfect harmony. But it is not just a biochemical machine that can be repaired

every time it breaks. Sometimes the root of the issue is in the Mind, caused by some emotional

trauma or unbearable stress. In such cases treating the mind is the right way to heal the body. How

do we treat the Mind? Often times through using our Bodies. Our bodies are amazing, really! Did you

know that we have over 75 trillion cells in our bodies and tissue/blood cells make up only about 35

trillion of them. The other 40 trillion are foreign, bacteria cells.


With deeper understanding of the human brain, psychologists were able to define two categories of

consciousness – higher and lower mind. The lower one is our standard definition of "mind". It consists

of a range biochemical reactions, reactions to sound and color, digging in our "memory archives" for

familiar information and, of course, all kinds of value judgements and emotional responses. But even

though we know so much about our minds already, there is still an unexplored ocean of information.

What makes us feel love? How are we able to switch our attention to different sounds and

conversations? How do we turn neural impulses into ideas? In short – we may understand

consciousness but do we really know much about HOW it works? Might feeling and listening to the

body be the missing piece that enables greater connection and unleashes greater potential?


What is the Spirit – the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character. The

soul this is the other part of our consciousness, the higher mind. It entails all the bodily and

psychological functions that we previously covered, but reaching them on a deeper level. "Using"

your soul can be exercised in many forms (out-of- body experiences, visions of the past and future,

telepathy) but can only happen once you are in perfect awareness of the body-mind connection.

Exercise and Improve your Quality of Life

Its never too late to start exercising and it does not have to be a hard and burdening regimen. You

can start with simple changes like providing your body enough sleep, eating healthy, or training to

breath properly. The most important thing is to feel good about yourself, to be in peace with yourself

and to live your passions. Take care of that connection, nurture your Mind Body and Spirit and you

will inevitably achieve a stage of equilibrium.

We will soon dive deeper into this theory and methodology and, in the meantime, feel free to check

our Workouts or Ask Me a Question.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. And Spirit.

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