No need to train hard when you can train smart!

//No need to train hard when you can train smart!

No need to train hard when you can train smart!


(Tips to optimize your workout)


Train smart. It does sound simple, right? And you’ve probably heard this mantra a thousand times already. So what makes “training smart” such a hard goal to achieve?


For starters, we have to realize that “smart” training is a very individual process and we discover what works well for us as we go along this path. It’s one thing to read about something and completely different when you experience it first-hand. So in this article, we will not be setting any rules for a great workout or training regime – just a set of good practices that have proven to be valuable in almost every case.


Mind your experience


Gyms are full of people that follow their own agenda. Some meticulously train just 1 muscle group because their favorite bodybuilder does that. Others exercise for years without ever changing their regime – exercises, sequence, repetition, even weights. So make sure to choose a program according to your experience and get enough recovery time between workouts.


Set a goal. Train for it.


Instead of training for “the perfect body”, work out for specific individual goals. This way you will be sure that each goal takes you to the end prize. An example you can often see in the gym are women that want a tight body, well-shaped buttocks, and strong legs. Yet all they do is cardio – every workout, every day, persistent and monotonous. If they learned more about achieving these goals, they would know that all this effort is useless if you don’t include other workouts, like weight-lifting for example. Point in case is – set a target and utilize the right weapons for it.


Know your anatomy


Our training plan might be great but we also need to take into account human anatomy. As similar as it might be, there are still processes within our body that make a difference in fat burning or muscle gain. For example working in an office all day may deform the posture or weaken some muscle groups. So working on your biceps would be worthless if you don’t work on your back first.


Don’t just train for goals – train for movement itself


The best results in life are achieved when you do something you love – be it at work, at the gym or with your soulmate. If you work out just to get your body fit for the summer or lose a few pounds, your long-term results will not be that satisfying. Change your mindset. If you want to train smart, find a training regime that you genuinely like and follow it simply for the love of movement, of feeling active.


Be aware of autoregulation


A famous quote states that you cannot do the same thing over and over and expect different results. This is especially true in our workout regime. Autoregulation is an enemy of habit. It means adapting your training plan as-you-go according to your body signals. Autoregulation helps your progress regardless of the obstacles along the way.


So, reading those tips do you think you are a “smart” trainer? If you still have doubts you can Contact Us and we will evaluate and improve your regime.

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