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“Elin Kanchev is a truly excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough (intensity and resistance) and warm (You guys look great and are doing a good job), and funny personality, and he works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically.

Because of his efforts in making a great program for me and my friend, I am stronger and more confident. Elin’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting.

His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his clients, provides the perfect scenario for successful and fun workout sessions! I recommend him without reservation.”

Clarissa Carvalho Kolodzinski
My goal in the beginning was to go from a small shrimp to the ultimate muscle machine. Well let’s just say “I got more then what I asked for”. As with most guys my age we tend to be concerned with only one thing…BIGGER MUSCLES and forget that there is more than bench pressing two-fifty when improving your health.

Elin not only took an interest in improving my health physically but also mentally as well as spiritually so as I said “I got more then what I asked for” which was something I didn’t expect.
I’ve been working out with Elin for about 3 months now and I’m very pleased with my results. My posture has improved greatly leaving me to feel taller and more secure when standing. I’ve gained a total of 5 pounds thus far as well as become more toned and defined then I could ever get my body by doing it alone.

I’ve lost 1.4 percent of BF, gone from a 25 BMI to 22.5 BMI. I really enjoy the one-on-one personalized trainings he has given me to make sure each and every workout is different but also fits my personal needs. In the process Elin has also given me the knowledge and skills to further my progress with confidence to be able to work out alone which has been a goal of mine as well.

He’s been great in keeping me spiritually connected with myself by doing calm and soothing breathing technique’s before and after workouts which has helped tremendously on those very stressful days at work. Elin has been patient, professional and communicative trainer throughout the whole process but the icing on the cake is that he has a great personality making our workouts fun without feeling pressure.

Brandon Butler
I want to take a few minutes to express my appreciation of your skills as a personal trainer. In the ten sessions that we had together I was able to measure gains in my upper body strength and in my core fitness. These were goals that I had stated to you at the outset, and you designed our workouts to meet these goals.

In addition, you helped me develop fitness routines to pursue on my own and encouraged me to try different equipment and exercises. You knew just how far to push me without exceeding my capabilities. I was consistently impressed with your desire to teach me the correct techniques and to avoid injury.

I recommend you without reservation to anyone wishing an excellent training experience.

Clara Smith
“I would recommend Elin to anyone who is looking to achieve their physical goals. Talk about personal training he’s the best very professional and knowledgeable at we he does. He start’s you of with a plan tailored to want to you want to achieve and really helps you get there. There is not enough words to describe all the great work he does!”
Hector Bermundez
“The personal training with Elin is phenomenal! He does such a great job helping you achieve your goal, to get that sexy dream body you always dreamed of! When I train with Elin it’s always awesome, Elin is simply the best at what he does I highly recommend his training! I am very satisfied with my experience with Elin. I appreciate all the help I received from Elin, I’m so happy with my body and the new me.”
John McGhee
“I have truly benefited from training with Elin. He has improved my strength, endurance and flexibility. He pushes me to reach my best, while still feeling safe and avoiding injury. He also brings a positive energy that makes these sessions fun. I highly recommend him.”
Alan C.
“Elin has the ability to gauge the level of experience of his clients and plan an individualized training program that will enable them to correct any previously acquired bad habits, develop good techniques in each exercise, and progress at an appropriate speed toward their goals. While he is a demanding trainer, he is also patient. He does not push his clients beyond what they are capable of at the given moment; rather, he encourages them to build their competencies and set attainable goals at each level of training. His concern for the well-being of a client goes beyond their ability to perform a specific routine, and his own training and experience give him the background to provide advice about factors such as diet, rest, pacing, etc.”
Susan Burke
“The best in the business! Elin will motivate you and get you into the best shape of your life, fast!”
Slavy I.
“Elin is very thorough in his training process and wants to make sure his clients are in perfect form in whatever they’re doing so they don’t get hurt. If you’re looking to learn proper technique and/or get an intense high energy workout, Elin can show you how!”
Keri D.
“Elin is a professional. Results focused and delivered. Am stronger. Have greater stamina. He helped crush through my plateau and built an annual strategy around my athletic goals.”
Allon S.
“I really enjoyed Elin’s sculpt & shape classes! I’ve got a lot of tips from him and I can work out on my own! He is wonderful instructor and very charming!!!”
Salta S.
“Elin is an amazing personal trainer. His sports experience and positive mental attitude position him in the top places for personal training specialists. He is helping me with my fitness goals, my personal goals and strengthening not only my body but my mind as well. If you want fast results and amazing experience Elin Is your trainer.”
Dimitar P.