4STM – Everything is in cycle, so should be your workout

//4STM – Everything is in cycle, so should be your workout

4STM – Everything is in cycle, so should be your workout

The universe moves around us every single moment. And these movements create routines, sequences of events that often might look random but actually maneuver in a specific rhythm. The planets revolve around the sun. This creates shifts of seasons. Ocean tides are influenced by positioning of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Economics fluctuate between periods of expansion and recession. So why should people be any different?


We are born, we grow, we mature and evolve and eventually end our life cycle. But during this long process our physical body undergoes many cyclical changes of its own – sleeping, breathing, blood flow etc. Adaptation leads to progress and evolution. This is especially true when we talk about physical training.


“I may not be the Strongest. I may not be the Fastest. But I’ll be damned if I’m not trying my Hardest”


Why does a long-term workout plan work? Because it allows you to create different blocks of training exercises where each block aims to achieve its own specific goal without exposing our bodies to too much stress. Those periods have different length depending on their importance to the end goal. And that’s not even the half of it. Cycling your workout does a lot for:


– preventing injuries

– maximizing potential

– developing different energy systems

– achieving better body control


…and last but certainly not least – pure enjoyment 🙂


Our Team at ELIN Personal Training Redefined knows all about periodization and can create an optimal cycle training schedule for You and You only. Contact Us and start getting in shape today!


P.S. We have a small gift for you this week (yaaay!). Stay tuned in the next few days and you will get our bonus tips for a fun and light morning workout. See how you can start your day refreshed and ready to overcome any challenge life throws at you.


Train hard, train right – go for greatness!

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